Sr. Grandmaster Tony Lasit

Founder, United States Kajukenbo Association 

USAF MSgt., Ret.

Senior Grandmaster Lasit has enjoyed a career in the martial arts that has spanned more than 70 years. From his earliest exposure to boxing with the Catholic Youth Organization and throughout his long and honorable service in the the US Army and US Air Force, Mr. Lasit has worked hard to further his own skill and knowledge in the martial arts and to share what he has learned with countless others.

Year Location   Military Service  Martial Art Description 
1928 Pu’unene, Maui, Territory of Hawaii      Born - Feb 21, 1928 
  1943   KaimukiTerritory of Hawaii   Boxing
Saint Patrick Church Boxing Club, Catholic Youth Organization
1943 Fort Street, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii   Boxing Catholic Campuslife /Youth for Christ Organization 
1943  Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii 
 Judo Kalihi Town - Trained under Sensei Kaimonn Kudo and Sensei Tsutao “Rubberman” Higami on King Street  
1944  WWII, Europe  US Army   US Occupation Army, ETO in Normandy, France and Germany 
1946, 1947  Europe   US Army Boxing , Judo  
1948   Territory of Hawaii  US Army Reserve   Honorable Discharge, Fort Shafter 
1949   Territory of Hawaii     Kenpo, Judo Training held in undisclosed locations 
1949 Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii    Judo  Nu'uanu -  Trained under Professor William K.S. Chow.  Approximately 12 months
1950  Korea   US Army Reserves   Reactivated for service in the Korean War. 
1952 Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii   US Army Reserves    Honorably discharged from the US Army Reserves after completing 15 months of active duty service. 
 1955 Lake Charles, LA  US Air Force    Re-enlisted in the US Air Force , Lake Charles Air Force Base
 1955-57 Lake Charles, LA     Judo Participated in Judo martial arts activities and curriculum of the US Air Force 
1957  Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii   US Air Force    Reassignment to Hickam Air Force Base 
 1957 Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii       Kenpo-Karate Palama settlement. Continued training in kenpo martial arts under Joe Emperado. 
1958 Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii       Kenpo-Karate  Discontinued training at Palama Settlement due to the passing of Joseph Emperado .Funeral held at Nuuanu Cemetery.  Performed
katas (pinans) in honor of Joseph Emperado at his burial gravesite   
1958-62   Honolulu, Hawaii   Kenpo-Karate  Continued  Kenpo-Karate martial arts training at the Aiea Gym with classmates: Joseph Halbuna, Blackie and John Rita (Rita Brothers), and Head Instructor of class, Benny Medero with Asst. Head Instructor, brown belt- Philip Doseo 
 1962  Johnston Island  US Air Force   Johnston island - JTF8 Nuclear Bomb Test Site 
1962-63  Johnston Island    Kenpo-Karate   Open first martial arts school, under the banner of "Kenpo-Karate". Cheif Examiner of Kempo-Karate MMA System 
1963   Korea  US Air Force   Osan Air Force Base (TDY) 
 1963  Cheyenne, Wyoming US Air Force    Reassigned to Francis E. Warren Air Force Base 
1963   Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Kenpo-Karate  Opened second martial arts school, under the banner of "Kenpo-Karate". Cheif Examiner of Kempo-Karate MMA System 
1964  San Fransisco, California  US Air Force (TDY)   Kenpo-Karate   Meeting with Joseph Halbuna (KSDI) 
 1964 San Fransisco, California     Kenpo-Karate   Promoted to San-Dan 3rd deg Black Belt under the banner of "Kenpo Karate" by Western District Head Instructor of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute, Joseph Halbuna
1964  Austin, Texas US Air Force    Reassigned to Bergstrom Air Force Base 
1964  Austin, Texas    Kenpo-Karate  Bergstrom Karate Club - Opened MMA Self-Defense institution under the banner "Kenpo Karate". Affiliated and cross-trained with the Bergstrom AFB Judo clubs: The Armed Services Judo and Jujitsu Academy (ASJJA) and The United States Judo Association (USJA) with Asst Chief Instructor, Robbie Robinson . Chief Examiner of Kenpo-Karate MMA System
1965  Austin, Texas     Kajukenbo Promoted to Yodan - 4th degree Black Belt under the banner of KSDI. Certificate featured stamped signature of Adriano D. Emperado. Received from Western District HEad Instructor of the KSDI, Joseph Halbuna. 
1965  Austin, Texas    Kenpo-Karate  TSS - School of Karate - Opened and established another MMA Self-Defense Institution under the banner of "Kenpo Karate". Sponsored by Texas Security Systems (private enterprise).  Chief Examiner of Kenpo-Karate MMA System
1968   Ubon, Thailand US Air Force      Reassigned to Ubonratchatani Air Force Base 
1968  Ubon, Thailand    Kajukenbo  Opened the USAF Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute . 
1968   Camron Bay, Vietnam US Air Force     Reassigned to Vietnam for service in the Vietnam War . TDY
 1969 Ubon, Thailand   US Air Force      Reassigned to Ubonratchatani Air Force Base 
1970 Korea US Air Force
Reassigned to Osan Air Force Base (TDY)
1970  Ubon, Thailand  US Air Force     Reassigned to Ubonratchatani Air Force Base 
1970-71 Ubon, Thailand   Kajukenbo Resumed teaching at the USAF Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute started in 1968.
1971  Wurthsmith, Michigan   US Air Force   Reassigned to Wurthsmith Air Force Base 
1971-72  Wurthsmith, Michigan    Kajukenbo  Wurthsmith Air Force Base - Opened MMA Self-Defense class under the banner of "Kajukenbo"
1972-73  Saigon, Vietnam US Air Force    Reassigned to Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base 
 1973  Korea US Air Force     Reassigned to Osan Air Force Base, TDY 
1973   Tucson, Arizona US Air Force     Reassigned to Davis Monthan Air Force Base 
1974  Tucson, Arizona    Kajukenbo    Opened and established MMA Self-Defense class under the baneer of "Kajukenbo".
1975   Japan US Air Force     Reassigned t Misawa Air Force Base 
1977  Honolulu, Hawaii  US Air Force      Reassigned to Hickam Air Force Base 
1978  Honolulu, Hawaii   US Air Force     Retired from military service. 
 1978-2003 Honolulu, Hawaii    Retired   Retired  
 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada     Kajukenbo Promoted to the rank of Grandmaster by the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute. In addition, former student from the Bergstrom Karate Club, Dann Baker was promted to the rank of Grandmaster by Dechi Emperado of KSDI. 
2006  NAS Pensacola, Florida    ASJJA/USJA
Kodokan Judo 
Promoted to the honorary position of  "Taigu Yudunsha"; recognized only in the martial art of Kodokan Judo by the Armed ServicesJudo/Jujitsu  Academy (ASJJA) andthe United StatesJudo Association (USJA) - Senior Technical Advisor, Robbie Robinson.
 2006 Spokane, Washington    Kajukenbo  Special Recognition of Kajukenbo and Lotus Martial Arts by Roy G Harrington/Precha Mahanachavong
2007 Honolulu, Hawaii      Hawaiian Jujitsu Academy  Promoted to the rank of Hachidan 8th deg Black Belt under the  Notary of the Almeny Karate School of Self-Defense
 2007 Honolulu, Hawaii      Native American Martial Arts  Acknowledgment and Recognition 
 2007  Honolulu, Hawaii    The Sifu Society  Certified acknowledgement and recognition of Kajukenbo by The Sifu Society 
 2008 Honolulu, Hawaii      Kajukenbo Ohana Association Affiliation with the  Kajukenbo Ohana Association.
 2009 Honolulu, Hawaii     Chinese Athletic Arts Academy  Certified acknowledgement and recognition to the title of Grandmaster under the Chinese Athletic Arts Academy. 
 2010 Honolulu, Hawaii     USKA  Founded the United States Kajukenbo Association 


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